Variations in the brain bring on developmental impairment known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Confined or repetitive occupations or interests, as well as social involvement and communication, can be difficult for people with ASD. In addition, individuals with ASD may move, pay attention, or learn in different ways. It's important to keep in mind that some people who do not have ASD could also experience some of these symptoms. For persons with ASD, these characteristics can, however, make life exceedingly challenging.

The best neurologist in Chennai provides the best treatment for autism disorder. People with ASD may behave, interact, communicate, and learn differently than most others. Their outward look frequently does not set them apart from others. ASD sufferers may be highly talented in many different areas. For instance, while some people with ASD are nonverbal, others might be better at speech. Some persons with ASD require a lot of assistance daily, while others may function independently and work.

Signs and Symptoms

They feel difficulty in social communication and interaction skills. It means that they do not show facial reactions, avoid eye contact, do not respond to any questions, do not show gestures etc. People with ASD can exhibit unusual habits or hobbies. ASD differs from conditions that are only characterised by issues with social interaction and communication by these behaviours or interests. The neurology specialist in Chennai treats disorders that affect the brain, nerves and spinal cord. They provide the best treatment for their patients. 


Since there is no medical test, such as a blood test, to diagnose ASD, doing so can be challenging. The child's behaviour and developmental stage are taken into account by the doctor when making a diagnosis. Rarely, 18-month-old children can be diagnosed with ASD. By the age of two, a reliable diagnosis made by an experienced professional can be accepted. However, many children don't receive a conclusive diagnosis until they are much older. Until they are teenagers or adults, some people don't get a diagnosis.


Treatments may be delivered in a variety of contexts, including educational, medical, community, and residential ones. To make sure that treatment goals and progress are meeting expectations, professionals must communicate with one another, the person with ASD, and their family. 

Laparoscope surgery is referred to as keyhole or minimally invasive surgery. Some of the treatment options that healthcare providers offer include psychological, social, behavioural, developmental, and educational approaches.

To assist your young child in learning and development, you already possess the necessary skills as a parent. If you suspect your kid has ASD or if you have any other concerns about the way your child behaves, learns, plays, or speaks, speak with their doctor. Ask the doctor to recommend a neurologist in Chennai who can perform a more thorough evaluation of your child if you are still worried.